Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Simply Connected?

We are a South Africa-based company that is able to offer lower prices than our competitors due to our cost effective business model. On top of this, our focus on customer satisfaction ensures that you are looked after from the point of inquiry, right through to post-purchase. Finally, staff here at Simply Connected are enthusiastic, motivated and forward thinking when it comes to the Smart Home industry as a whole.

What is a Smart Home?

The term “Smart Home” refers to a house that has been fitted with technology that can be remotely controlled. These technologies include:
- Lighting, such as Yeelight
- Appliances, such as Samsung fridges
- Voice-controlled personal assistants (often known as “brains”), such as Alexa
- Security, such as Wyze cameras
These features can be integrated and controlled remotely from a mobile app, computer or by voice.

What are the benfits of a Smart Home?

Convenience - Smart Homes can be programmed to perform tasks such as playing music through the whole house, changing lighting scenes automatically and with ease, and providing you with a live stream of your security feed and favorite digital content. This saves you time and stress.
Comfort - Smart Homes are adaptable environment with easily controlled lighting and music. This allows you to make the most of your home environment.
Safety - Smart Homes often include sensors and cameras that can be monitored online at any time. This improves the security of your home.
Control - The integrated system provides a simple way to control your home through use of smart devices.

How important is my Wi-Fi speed?

Wi-Fi speed itself is not important for the majority of Smart home products, such as lights and the Echo Dot. Instead what matters is the strength of connection between smart home devices and the internet ie. anywhere your phone can connect to the Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi does not reach an area we recommend that Wi-Fi extenders are used to accommodate for larger homes to insure optimal performance. The speed of your Wi-Fi is important when it comes to streaming, whether it is through the Wyze Cam or the Fire Stick.

Can I install the technology myself?

Yes, all the technology that we provide can be installed privately, hence the option to purchase goods without installation. The products themselves come with manuals outlining installation process. Additionally, guides to the installation will be available on our website under the "Blog" tab. If you require further assistance with installation, please don't hesitate to contact us as we want to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

Are Smart Home products compatible with South African infrastructure?

Yes, the products we supply are supported by the infrastructure in South Africa. However, there is an additional step that is required for South Africans to gain access the the Alexa mobile app. Instructions regarding this step are available in our blog section, or we will do the step for you if you have chosen to include installation with purchase. Along with this a few functions are US specific such as using your Alexa device to call your phone. Some streaming services, such as Hulu and HBO may not be available on the Amazon Fire sticks without the use of a VPN, but you will have full access to Netflix and other streaming services currently supported in South Africa.

What happens if one of my devices is faulty?

We do not expect the problem of faulty devices as all of our products have been assessed, tested and chosen carefully for your convenience. We also ensure that all the products that we supply are authentic and imported from trustworthy suppliers. However, if there is an issue we work with the customer to find the best solution whether that be repair, replacement or refund in accordance to the Consumer Protection Act.

Can any home be a Smart Home?

Yes, any home can be a Smart Home. The products that we supply have been designed to integrate easily into any household.

Will Smart Homes update as new technology comes out?

Yes, Smart Homes are easy to update and upgrade when new products and software are released to the market. To ensure this ability to upgrade we have selected products that are able to integrate with your Smart Home hub.

What is the expected lifetime of the products?

Details such as life time can be found in the product information section of our website.

How much does a Smart Home cost?

The cost depends on what products you purchase along with the size of your house. With that being said, with the accessibility of our products, Smart Homes are no longer only limited to the upper class.