Smart Lights And Their Impact On Health

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Everyone can agree that light bulbs are an essential part of modern living and have become ingrained in our society. But did you know that lighting has a bigger impact of your health, sleep and energy levels then you realise. Due to this implementing Smart Lights, such as the Xiaomi Yeelight, as part of you Smart Home has many health benefits that are often overlooked.

The health benefits of Smart Lights, and by extension Smart Homes, start from as soon as you wake up. The idea of waking up to the sun and allowing your body to slowly move out of sleep is not new to the health community. With a Smart Light this can be achieved as simply as setting you lights to wake up as you do and can be done either through the Alexa or Yeelight app. An article in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reported that, “The early morning transition from dim to bright light suppresses melatonin secretion, induced and immediate, greater than 50% elevation of cortisol levels and limited the deterioration of alertness normally associated with overnight sleep deprivation.” Furthermore, these two chemicals are also responsible for sleep regulation and energy levels. Meaning, that utilizing Smart Lights as part of your Smart Home will allow for a productive start to the day.

At night your lighting is just as important. Whether you are reading before bed, on the computer or watching TV the surrounding lighting is very important. Bright lights at night, particularly blue whites can be damaging you your eyes as they penetrate the molecular pigments behind your eyes and harm the retina. This damage can be felt primarily in the form of eye strain or eye pain but could also lead to cloudy or bury vision. This is because blue light has a shorter wavelength then red light and thus has a higher energy as it oscillates more frequently. To prevent these effects the introduction of red light filters have become more prominent on both phones and computers. However, the same negative effect can be brought along by the lighting in your house at night. Thus, having a smart light and setting it to either dim or change shades when the sun sets is beneficial to your eyes. Additionally, not only will this be less harsh on you eyes it will also act as a regulator for natural body clock and start sending signals that it is time to start to relax and get ready to sleep.

Due to the above reasons, Smart Lights are more then just a fun and interesting way to brighten up your home. To find out more about Smart lights check out the product description of both the Xiamoi Yeelight White and Colour or browse around the rest of the Simply Connected Store for other Smart Home products.

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