Xiaomi Yeelight White

Xiaomi Yeelight White


With customizable colour temperature and dimmable luminesce, the Yeelight LED Bulb (tunable white) allows you to match your light to your mood. Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

  • These lights are ready for smart control either through the use of the Yeelight or Alexa app or hands-free through the use of your Echo Dot. 

  • Choose between endless colour temperatures and tones of white, allowing you to fully personalise your home environment. Along with the ability to dim and brighten your lights through the Yeelight app or Alexa device to create the perfect mood. 

  • Set, customise and save lighting scenes and change between then instantly on the Yeelight app or Alexa voice. 

  • Program the lights to fit your lifestyle and to set lighting schedules in order to prepare you for bed or help you wake up.